Bridge Equipment and Watch keeping (40 Marks)

(Attempt any four questions from section-A) (4 x 10 Marks)
1. List out ten navigational equipments and their uses available in the bridge.
2. With the help of a neat diagram explain the principle of a marine sextant.
3. What are the limitations of a Magnetic compass? How will you take care of the Magnetic compass?
4. Describe the basic principles that need to be observed when handing over/ taking over a navigation watch at sea?
5. Explain what do you understand by “LOOK OUT” as part of the Bridge Team Management?`

SECTION- B Collision Prevention (30 Marks)

(Attempt any 3 questions from section-B) (3 x 10 Marks)
6. Explain how will you determine whether risk of collision exists? What action will you take in different scenarios, explain with examples.
7. List the factors to be taken into account by all vessels in determining ‘Safe speed’.
8. You are proceeding along a west-bound traffic lane of a Traffic Separation Scheme and required to exit the lane and cross the eastbound traffic lane. Explain with a sketch; What actions will you take keeping in mind the relevant sections of Rule 10?
9. (a) Describe the procedure to be followed , in case of overtaking in a narrow channel.
(b) Describe the meaning of “Give way vessel and a Stand on vessel”.

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