• Load Density: Maximum Weight which can be loaded safely in an Area of 1 Sq. M. without causing any Damages to that area is called the Load Density of the area. It is given in Ship’s Stability Booklet and is expressed in m.t./Sq. M.
  • Cargo density: Cubage of a cargo divided by its weight.
  • Ullage is the void space in the tank measured from the top of the tank to the upper surface of the fluid.
  • Sounding: In nautical terms, the word sound is used to describe the process of determining the depth of water in a tank or under a ship. Tanks are sounded to determine the level of the liquid within the tank.
  • Displacement: of a ship is the weight of the ship or the weight of the water displaced by the ship.
  • Deadweight: Deadweight tonnage is the weight of all the cargo, fuel, dry provisions, supplies, etc. carried on board the ship. In other words, it is the “displacement tonnage” of the vessel minus the “lightweight tonnage”.
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