Interview questions fleet management Candidate 5 – the year 2017

These questions were asked from Debendra from IMU Chennai Campus in the year 2017.

  • Any Sports event next Month?
  • Favorite Sports?
  • What does your father do?
  • Favorite Subject?
  • What is the angle of loll?
  • The TimeZone of India?
  • Magnetic compass?
  • Gyro compass?
  • Errors in Magnetic Compass?
  • Difference between Safe working load and load density?
  • Where is LA?
  • How Variation and Deviation changes?
  • What is latitude?
  • What is timezone?


Following questions were asked from Jogesh Sharma, He is a very deserving candidate, He has Great photography skills and extraordinary sketching skills. Have a look at some of his posts and if you find that Interesting follow him. (At the end you can find a way to go to his Instagram)

First, they asked me H.R questions.
Where are you from?
Tell us something about yourself.
Why you join Merchant navy?
Tell me about your hobbies, interests, strength, and weaknesses.
Then Technical questions
What is watchkeeping?
Can AIS be used as collision prevention aid?
Something about SART.
How will you measure the amount of cargo in bulk carrier?
What is SOPEP.?
Then, at last, they again asked about my biggest achievement in life.
Then again strength and weaknesses.