Action Taken in case of a chemical spill

Action Taken in case of a chemical spill

  1. Raise the Alarm.
  2. Press ESD.
  3. Inform
    1. Bridge
    2. CCR
    3. Port
    4. P&I
  4. Muster inside accommodation spaces (Designated place where ventilation is independent.
  5. Stop Recirculation (Balancing duct to be used.)
  6. Two people wearing Chemical suit and SCBA can go and try to control.

Candidate 4

  • Tell me about yourself
  • Why Merchant navy?
  • What about the sea fantasizes you?
  • Asked questions on achievements
  • Your Father is a Doctor and brother engineer, Why not doc and eng.?
  • Cardinal marks identify and asked light pattern
  • Join two rope
  • Bowline
  • Nautical Almanac questions.
  • What is Sunset
  • What is Sunrise
  • Twilight

Must remember knots for interview

Compulsory knots

  1. Figure of 8
  2. Reef
  3. Bowline
  4. Bowline on a bight
  5. Clove hitch
  6. Clove hitch on a bight
  7. Cow hitch
  8. Sheet bend
  9. Double sheet
  10. Carrick bend single
  11. Round turn half hitch
  12. Round turn and 2 half hitches
  13. Rolling hitch
  14. Timber hitch
  15. Overhand
  16. Double carrick bend

Some additional knots

  1. Marline spike
  2. Fisherman bend/ bucket hitch
  3. Toom fool
  4. Monkey Fist
  5. Sheepshank

How big is Fortnite Chapter 2 update

Fortnite season 11 or Fortnite chapter 2 update is 14GB (it might vary between 11GB to 14GB). I don’t have any clue why the download size varies user to user but this is not the first time, I have experienced this several times that different people have different update sizes.

Fortnite is back! Chapter 2

Fortnite season 11 or chapter 2

After the season 10 end event, Fortnite was offline and all you could see was a black hole on the screen for several hours. Finally, Fortnite is back not as season 11 but as chapter 2. The opening cinematic shows some of the game’s characters exploring the brand new map, discovering cool new locations and doing stuff like fishing for weapons. The interesting thing about the map is that the places and not named yet and as the time is passing the names of the places are getting on the map it all started with the map below. Everyone is super excited about the new map of fortnite.

The trailer of chapter 2 is out and we are posting that along with this post have a look.

We will be posting daily about the challenges and the places you have to visit to complete the challenge. As it will turn difficult as no one had any idea about the new map.

We have all new vehicles not just that the places are also interesting like we have a factory or something with big funnels, maybe swimming is a new ability that I haven’t tried yet. We can shoot the fire pumps and that will blast now (interesting) and maybe the ability to carry your teammate will be rolling out soon as we can see in the trailer.

WordPress server has given up! 15th October 2019

People throughout is facing trouble posting on WordPress that maybe because fortnite chapter 2 is online and people are posting about that. It Looks like the WordPress server cannot take the load, WordPress were not expecting something like this to happen due to fortnite. Even the fortnite server is going crazy as so many people are trying to play the new season.

Largest Ships

1. Largest passenger ship

The Royal Caribbean’s Harmony of the Seas 

Royal Caribbeans Harmony of the Seas is the world’s largest passenger ship and dream of a lot of mariners. This Beast is 1,188 ft long, 215.5 ft wide. When it comes to how many people it can carry, Guys it can carry 6,780 guests along with 2000+ crew members. Registered in the Bahamas and took 32 months to complete at a cost of more than $1 billion.

some other facts

– 18 total decks with 16 guest decks
– 2,747 staterooms, 1,768 balconies
– There are 4 bow thrusters with 7,600 horsepower each
– 24 guest elevators
– 7 distinct ‘neighbourhoods’
– 8 specialty restaurants and 4,908 total restaurant seating
– 11,252 works of art showcased throughout the ship
– 4,700,000 lbs. (2,150 tons) of water in 23 swimming pools, whirlpools, two FlowRider surf simulators, and waterslides
– A 10 story, 100-foot drop with The Ultimate Abyss, the tallest slide at sea
– The fastest Internet at sea

If you want to know more

2. Largest Container Ship

Image credits

OOCL Hong Kong is the world’s largest container ship. And the first ship to ever to cross the 21,000 TEU mark.
It has a carrying capacity of 21,413 TEU. With a length of 399.87 meters(1311.90 feet), breadth of 58.8 meters and a depth of 32.5 meters, it is the largest container ship ever built.

3. Worlds largest LNG Carrier OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Mozah is a Q-MaxLNG carrier operated by Qatargas II. The vessel was built in 2008 by Samsung Heavy Industries and is the largest LNG carrier in the world together with her sister ships. 

Type:LNG carrier
Tonnage:163,922 GT128,900 DWT
Length:345 m (1,132 ft)
Beam:53 m (174 ft)
Draft:12.0 m (39.4 ft)
Installed power:43,540 kW (58,390 hp) at 91 rpm
Propulsion:2 x MAN B&W 7S70ME-C diesel engines
Speed:19.5 knots (36.1 km/h; 22.4 mph) (maximum)19.0 knots (35.2 km/h; 21.9 mph) (cruising)
Capacity:266,000 m3 (9,400,000 cu ft)

what are the cargo informations required before loading?

  1. The cargo officer must be informed about the chemical name of the cargo to enable the appropriate safety data sheet to be consulted in the tanker safety guide.
  2. Quantity of cargo and respective weight.
  3. Clearance on quantity control must be checked.
  4. The temperature of cargo at the loading stages and also during the carriage stage.
  5. Tank coating must be compatible with the cargo.
  6. Chemical properties like corrosive property must be known before loading.
  7. Electrostatic Properties can be acquired by some chemicals. This must be kept in mind.
  8. The possibility of fire and explosion should be checked as 50% of chemicals carried are derived from hydrocarbon.
  9. The level of toxicity of the chemical, If toxic vapor are character of the cargo.
  10. Reactivity with water and other cargo.
  11. Emergency procedures should be known.
  12. Incapability with other cargos should be noticed before loading.