Section- A Bridge Equipment (40 Marks)

Attempt any FOUR questions from this section. All questions carry equal marks.
1. What do you understand by Janus configuration with respect to Doppler speed ? Explain with suitable diagram.
2. Explain the working of an Auto Pilot with a block diagram
3. Explain Ranging and Phasing in an echo sounder.
4. Briefly explain the following with respect to Radar (a) Pulse Repetition Rate (b) Pulse Length (c) Ducting (d) Side echoes and (e) multiple echoes.
5. Explain the use of Rate Of Turn Indicator (ROTI).

SECTION – B Watchkeeping & Collision Prevention (30 Marks)

Attempt any THREE questions from this section. All questions carry equal marks
6. Explain the watch keeping duties at sea for an Officer of the watch on navigational watch.
7. Explain the procedures for testing controls and checks required on
Navigational equipment when proceeding to sea?
8. (a) Name four important limitations of ARPA
(b) What is meant by ground stabilization and sea stabilization?
9. Explain ‘Look out’ in terms of Colregs. List actions to be taken to avoid collision in clear and restricted visibility conditions.