SECTION – A                                       BRIDGE EQUIPMENT                                      (30 Marks)

Question No. 1 is compulsory, attempt  any 2 questions from the remaining, all questions carry equal marks.


  1. Own ship’s course 160(T) speed 15 knots, a target on the radar screen was seen at 0800 hrs

bearing 200 (T) range 12 M. At 0812 hrs same target was on bearing 197(T) range 9 M, find

the course, speed, CPA, TCPA and Aspect of the target.   (10 Marks)


2 . Describe in brief with respect to Radar


(A)  X-band Radar                                      (B)  Pulse Repetition Frequency     (10 Marks)


3 .   Explain the principle for the working of GPS and  DGPS.  Also write down various errors of GPS. (10 Marks)


  1. Write short notes on (i) SART     (ii)  Parallel Indexing       (10 Marks)


SECTION – B                                       WATCH KEEPING                                             (20 Marks)


Attempt any two questions from the following:-


  1. Explain the procedure of keeping an effecting anchor watch in a crowded anchorage.


  1. What are the important points you will monitor on receiving the warning of an

approaching storm at sea.


  1. Write down the contents of Radar Log Book.

SECTION – C                                   COLLISION PREVENTION                                           (20 Marks)


Attempt any two questions from the following:-


  1. What are the horizontal and vertical sectors for the arc of visibility with respect to mast head light and stern light of a ship.


  1. Describe various shapes used on board, also describe their colour and  dimensions.


  1. Explain the specifications of various equipment for sound signalling equipment on vessel more than 100 metre in length.