Bridge Equipment and Watchkeeping

(Attempt any four questions from section-A)

1. Sketch the layout of the bridge with its Navigational Equipments and
explain briefly about their principle and use? (10 Marks)
2. Explain the use and principle of a Marine Sextant and the types of errors? (10 Marks)
3. a) Explain the description and operation of an Electric telegraph? (5 Marks)
b) Explain how the chronometer error is checked from the radio time signal? (5 Marks)
4. As per STCW 2010, explain the following :- (10 Marks)
a) Handing / taking over watch b) Fitness for duty
c) Look-Out d) Navigational watch with a pilot embarked
5. a) Sketch and describe the construction of liquid card magnetic compass? (5 Marks)
b) State the various methods available at sea to find the compass error
and explain the term compasses compared and courses checked? (5 Marks)

(Attempt any 3 question from section-B)

6. Explain the meaning of proper look out describe the procedure for keeping
a proper Look out? (10 Marks)
7. Define the following :- (10 Marks)
a) Vessel b) Vessel not under command
c) Vessel constrained by her draft.
d) Vessel engaged in fishing e) Under way and making way
8. Explain what is meant by safe speed. State the factors to be taken into
account in determining a safe speed? (10 Marks)
9. Explain what is meant by :- (10 Marks)
a) Risk of collision b) Over taking vessel c)Stand on vessel
d) Give way vessel e)Responsibility between vessel
10. Define with a sketch the terms :- (10 Marks)
a)Traffic lane b)Separation zone c)Inshore traffic zone
d)Crossing lane e)Entering and leaving the TSS.