Section – A
Marine Management (50 Marks)
1. Construct a situation on board a Merchant Vessel and outline your sound understanding of the various principles of management studied and how you would go about implementing them.
2. A decision is a judgment or choice between two or more alternatives, and arises in an infinite number of situations from the resolution of a problem to the implementation of a course of action. Managers of people, by definition, must be decision-makers. Discuss.
3. Illustrate your understanding of the Quantitative, Systems and Contingency Approach theories of management.
4. Todays increasingly competitive business world means that a highly motivated workforce is vital for any organization seeking good results. PRESENT your arguments in favour of this premise.

Section – B
Commercial Shipping Management (50 Marks)
NOTE: Question No 5 is compulsory and carries 20 Marks.
Attempt any TWO of the remaining and they carry 15 marks each.
5. Give an overview of the basic structure of the shipping industry and how the world economic scenario affects the same .
6. Give an account of the development of Indian Ports over the years.
7. What is the role of the IMO in shipping.
8. Write short notes on a) Maritime Fraud, b) Role of Indian Govt in shipping.