A collision bulkhead is triangular in shape. Its maximum breadth is 12m and its high 15m. Find the thrust experienced by it if the fore peak tank is pressed up to a head of 3m of SW.

ans 6

Breadth of collision bulkhead = 12m
Height       = 15m
Pressure   = (depth x density)
Thrust       = (pressure x area)
Breadth     = 12m
Height of the water inside the tank = 15m
Water pressed up to ahead of  = 3m
ā€˜Cā€™ inside the tank = (1/3 x15)
                                 = 5 m
Outside the tank =    3m
so total =5 + 3 =8m

Now pressure =(depth x density)

                          =( 8 x 1.025)

Area = (1/2 x 12 x15)
         = 90m2

Thrust  experienced  = (pressure x area)
                                      = (90 x 8 x 1.025)

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