A rectangular barge of 10 m long and 5m wide, floating in SW at a draft of 3m, is being lifted out of the water by a heavy-lift crane. Find the load on the crane when the draft has reduced to 1m.


Area of rectangular barge = ( L x B)
= 10m x 5m,
RD = 1.025

Mass when draft 3m = (u/w volume at 3m) x (density)
= (10 x 5 x 3) x (1.025)
= 153.75t.

Mass after being lifted by the heavy crane =(u/w volume at 1m depth )x (density)
= (10 x5 x 1) x (1.0250
= 51.25 t

Hence ,Load taken by the crane = (153.75 – 51.25)
=  102.5 t

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