A tank with a horizontal base and vertical sides is 10m deep and has rectangular trunkway 1m high. The volume of the tank alone is 8000m3 and that of the trunkway 500m3 . Find the ullage when 5320t of vegetable oil of RD 0.7 is loaded.

Given :

The depth of tank = 10m
Height of the trunkway = 1m
Volume of the tank alone =8000m3
Volume of the trunkway = 500m3
The mass of the oil =5320 t
RD =0.7

We know that :
Density = (mass /volume)
Volume   = mass /density
 = (5320 /0.7)
 = 7600m3

Depth of oil = (volume /area)
= (7600/800)

Ullage insides the tank = (10 – 9.5)

Total ullage = (1 +0 .5)
                          = 1.5m.

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