A vessel is loading in a SW dock and is lying with her starboard winter loadline 60mm above and her port winter loadline 20mm below the surface of water. if her summer draught in SW is 7.2m and TPC is 20,, find how many tonnes of cargo the vessel can load to bring to her down to her tropical loadline in SW.


Starboard winter load line  = 60mm above
Port winter load line = 20mm below
Mean draft = ( 60 – 20)/2
= (40/2)
= 20mm
= 2cm

qes 18

Summer SW draft = 7.2m( given)

We know that:

Waterline (W) = (1/48 of summer draft)
=(1/48 x 7.2)
= 0.15m
= 15cm

Total sinkage available to bring the vessel to her tropical load  line  = ( 2+ 15 + 15)
= 32cm

TPC =20( given)
So, Cargo can be load = (TPC x sinkage)
=(20 x 32)
= 640t.

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