Action in case of Cargo Space fire at Sea

Photo by Casey Horner 
  • Inform master.
  • Reduce speed.
  • If the fire is forward then bring wind to the quarter and if fire is aft then bring wind to aft.
  • Muster all crew- headcount. Fire party briefed.
  • Proceed to scene off the fire and investigate.
  • Shut down all ventilation.
  • Start emergency fire p/p.
  • Try to fight the fire by conventional means.
  • Maintain boundary cooling at all times.
  • Refer to the cargo plan with regard to the type of cargo on fire and if any dangers associated with it.
  • Commence boundary cooling and check the adjacent compartment for additional fire risk.
  • Consider ballasting the adjacent tanks after calculation of GM of the vessel.
  • Inject fixed CO2.
  • Investigate port of refuge facility and inform port authorities.

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