Action taken in case of GYRO failure


Fallowing are the actions taken in case of gyro failure.

  1. Inform master, Change to 2nd gyro compass if available.
  2. Call Duty AB if not on bridge, Ask him to start hand steering.
  3. Steer vessel with magnetic compass – for that you have to change to hand steering.
  4. Apply the corrections required.
  5. In coastal waters use parallel indexing to keep the vessel on track.
  6. Plot positions more frequently to confirm course made good and accordingly allow correction to course steered.
  7. Reporting to authority about gyro failure if required.
  8. Check all the other equipments that have gyro feed like ARPA and ECDIS
  9. Once the gyro is working again you have to calibrate ARPA and ECDIS with the gyro reading.
  10. Reduce the speed if necessary.
  11. Check manuals for troubleshooting.

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