The ALRS series provides comprehensive information on all aspects of maritime radio communications.

The data is organized into 6 volumes,some divided into several parts for case of handling.

 VOLUME-1(NP 281) :

Maritime radio stations (part 1 and 2) splits across two publications, VOLUME 1includes radio details for:

  • Global maritime communication
  • Satellite communication services
  • Coastguard communication
  • Maritime tele-medical assistance services(TMAS).
  • Radio quarantine and pollution reports
  • Anti-piracy contact table

VOLUME 2(NP 282):

Radio aids to navigation DGPS, Legal time signals, and electronics positioning fixing system(parts 1 and 2) splits across two publication,volume includes radio details for:

  • List of VHF radio directions finding stations
  • RADAR beacons (RAcons and RAmarks)
  • Known operational AIS
  • Aids to navigation (A to N)
  • Radio beacons transmitting DGPS correction
  • International standards and daylight saving times and dates
  • Interational radio time signal broadcast detials

VOLUME 3 (NP 283):

Maritime safety information services (part 1 and 2) split across two publications,volume 3 includes radio details for:

  • Maritime weather services
  • Safety information broadcast
  • Worldwide NAVTEX and safety NET information
  • Submarine and gunnery warning details (subfacts and gunfacts)
  • Radio fascimile stations, frequencies and weather map areas.

VOLUME 4(NP 284):

Meteorological observation stations this volume contains:

  • All met observation stations listed worldwide

VOLUME 5( NP 285):

This consists of GMDSS. This volume includes:

  • Worldwide communications requirements for distress, search and rescue
  • Extracts from SOLAS and ITU regulations
  • Distress and SAR (incorporating MRCC and MRSC contacts) worldwide NAVTEX and maritime safety information.

VOLUME 6( NP 286):

Pilot services,vessel traffic services and port operation(part 1 to 8). this volume splits across 8 publications,volume 6 includes radio details for:

  • Detailed pilot information,contact details and procedure
  • Vessel traffic services information,contact details and procedure
  • National and international ship reporting system
  • Port information,contacts and procedure.

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