Advantages of ECDIS


Advantages of ECDIS

  1. Position fixing at required interval without officer of watch.
  2. Continuous monitoring of vessels movement is possible.
  3. Target in the vicinity also can be monitored.
  4. Chart correction can be done easily buy CD or other electronic means.
  5. Process planning can be done since info will be available on ECDIS.
  6. Progress of passage can be monitored.
  7. various alarm can be imposed such as off course, cross trade, shallow water, under keel clearance, CDC, TCPA.
  8. ETA can be worked out accurately.
  9. Anchoring can be done precisely planned since interfaced with ARPA.
  10. Current and leeway can be easily established.
  11. Identification of the target can be easily done.
  12. Chart scale can be changed at will.
  13. Info can be suppressed at will.

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