Arriving at the anchoring position/The Anchor Position


Arriving at the anchoring position: Observe the other anchored vessels. This will give a good indication of the appropriate heading. Before dropping anchor, ensure that the charted depth corresponds to the depth shown on the echo sounder is matching after adjustment for draft and height of tide. The echo sounder can provide a good indication if set correctly to take into consideration the draft correction. Also, ensure that the position selected is safe for in all respect.

The Anchor Position: Take a position when the anchor is dropped. This will give a good idea where the anchor is. Use more than one method of fixing the position. Visual and electronic methods should be used. Verify the vessel’s position when she has brought up and settled down. Draw the estimated swinging circle on the chart. Check the position frequently by visual and electronic means. Set any alarms fitted to electronic equipment. If you think the vessel is dragging call the Master and engine room. Inform other vessels.

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