Boxing of compass


One of the most asked question in the interview is Boxing of the compass. The interviewer will give you a pen and paper and ask you to box a compass from North to East or South to east anything and you must remember this a small mistake can take your job opportunity.

To remember Boxing of the compass, you only have to remember from North to East or whatever is your preference, if you remember that you can easily make for other directions.

How i remember From north to East.

  1. North
  2. North by East (we are coming north from the east side, If we come north from the west side it is NbW).
  3. NNE ( 2 north means, 2 points away from the north)
  4. NE by North (we are coming to NE from the north side)
  5. North East (Easiest to remember it is between North and East)
  6. NE by East (Northeast is closer form East )
  8. EbN (East by North)-( same as point 2 above)
  9. East

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