BSC in Nautical Science Or DNS?


If you are thinking of joining the Deck side of the merchant navy then you will have 2 basic options Either you will go for BSc in Nautical Science or DNS. So Let me help you select one of them. If you are already doing any of the course i will say both of them is nice and don’t have much difference. But if you have just completed your 12th and want to choose one then you must read the complete article and choose whatever works best for you.

  1. BSC Nautical Science is a 3 years course whereas DNS is 1 year Course.
  2. BSC cadets will do 12 months sea time whereas DNS Cadets will have to Serve as a cadet for 18 Months. (Life of cadet is tough as people say, not my personal opinion).
  3. BSC Cadets after completing cadetship can appear for Exams (Written and Orals) and become 3rd Officer. BUT for DNS cadets they will have to do 4 Months class and after that they can appear for EXAMS.
  4. BSC Cadets are obviously older in age so you can assume them to be more mature to every condition.
  5. If after some time you want to quit this field like just after sailing for 1 year then in case of BSC you will have a BSC degree and you can appear in any exam that a normal graduate can give.
  6. The Level of knowledge will differ in the two candidates one doing a 3 years course and others doing just 1-year course. (Sometimes we have seen DNS cadets who know much more than a BSc cadet but revere is normally true).
  7. For BSC you will need around 6 Lakhs whereas for DNS it will be around 2 lakhs (talking for IMU )

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