Following are the oral questions asked to the candidate, Click on the question to get answer (We are working on the answers). What we provide is a sample answer we cannot claim that our answer will be the best answer.

  1. What is load density and where you can find it?
  2. What is a bay plan and where you can find it onboard?
  3. Where can we find the location of IMDG cargo?
  4. Contents of MSDS Sheet?
  5. Purpose of MSDS Sheet?
  6. Markings on a container?
  7. What is BAY, TIER, ROW?
  8. List vs Trim?
  9. What is COW (advantages and disadvantages)
  10. Crude oil washing action is taken before and after arriving at port.
  11. What is pounding?
  12. What is a too lean and too rich hydrocarbon mixture?
  13. Difference between through and surface ventilation?
  14. Where is SuezCanal?
  15. What is the transportable moisture limit?
  16. What is the proof load?
  17. What is broken stowage?
  18. How to find the safe working load of a crane?
  19. what is breaking stress?
  20. What is the Angle of repose?
  21. In what type of fire we can use foam?
  22. What is a foam system & Explain high and low expansion.
  23. What is a chain register?
  24. Where is the chain register kept and what are its contents?
  25. The hazard of tank cleaning?
  26. Explain IMDG casses and Contents?
  27. Precautions for heavy lift cargo?
  28. What is stability booklet and where is it kept ?
  29. Contents of stability booklet?
  30. What is the cargo Securng manual?
  31. contents of cargo securing manual?
  32. What is IG tank?
  33. What is mast riser?
  34. What is purging?
  35. Duties of OOW while at a container port?
  36. Duties of OOW while at a loading oil?
  37. Parts of IG plant?
  38. What is liquefaction?
  39. What is flow state?
  40. What is loadicator ?
  41. Diff methods of purging?
  42. Hazard of Iran ore while loading?
  43. What is stowage factoe? What is broken stowage?
  44. If lodicator fails can you still load the cargo?
  45. If loadicator fails how will you load cargo?
  46. What is BLU code?
  47. What action you will take if you see oil around your vessel?
  48. IMSBC code?
  49. Ventilation and its need.?
  50. What is GM? What is the minimum GM?
  51. What is PV valve and what is PV breaker Valve?
  52. What is annealing? Why we do annealing?
  53. What is Exposimeter?
  54. Function of Exposimeter?
  55. Explain Flammablity dagram ?
  56. Alarms on IG Pannel?
  57. IG Blower?
  58. Scrubber ?
  59. Content of IG?
  60. What is Volatile Cargo ?
  61. What s Non Volatile Cargo?
  62. Define LFL and UFL
  63. What s MFAG?
  64. what is keel reke?
  65. what is stem rake?
  66. What is angle of LOL?
  67. What is Stable and unstable equlibrium ?
  68. Corrective action for angle of lol?
  69. Stages and Procedure for COW?
  70. What is CSM code?
  71. What is Shell Expansion plan?
  72. Name Bridge euipments
  73. Life boat requirement?
  74. Life raft requirement?
  75. What is intact stablity?
  76. How is a container secured onboard?
  77. Lashing arrangement ?
  78. Which one is more important base lock or twist lock or Lashing?
  79. In RORO ship what is axil load?
  80. Disadvantage of crude oil washing?
  81. Advantages of crude oil washing ?
  82. Diffrent type of piping system on tanker?
  83. Stowage factor unit?
  84. Hazard of grain ?
  85. Hazard of coal ?
  86. Hazard of sulpher ?
  87. Hazard of timber cargo?
  88. What is Moisture content ?
  89. What is FMP and TML?
  90. What is Trimmed and untrimmed cargo?
  91. What is Noxious lquid substance?
  92. What is CSC plate?
  93. What is Hydrostatic draft?
  94. What is hogging and Sagging?
  95. What is SF factor ?
  96. Methods of ballast water management?

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