Vessel’s Characteristics

Turning circle and terms


The distance traveled in the direction of the original heading measured from the point at which a helm was first applied. The maximum advance is usually between 3 to 5 ship lengths for a merchant ship of any size going at full ahead and using full helm.


The distance of the center of gravity of the ship from the original track line measured in the 90º to the original heading. The transfer for a turn of 90º is about two ship lengths

Tactical Diameter

It is the transfer for a turn of 180º which is almost equal to the maximum transfer. It is usually about the same distance as the maximum advance.

Drift Angle

It is the angle between the tangent to the turning circle at any point and the fore and aft line of the ship.

Pivot Point

It is the point about which the vessel pivots with the bow swinging inwards and the stern swinging outwards. It is about one third (1/3) of the vessels length from forward when going ahead. When going astern the vessel pivots about approximately one quarter of the length from astern.

Final Diameter

It is the diameter of a circle traversed by a vessel after turning through 360º and maintaining the same speed and rudder angle. This diameter is always less than the tactical diameter. It is measured perpendicular to the original course and between the tangents at the points where 180º and 360º of the turn have been completed.

Top 13 Shipping Companies 2020

  1. COSCO
    • It owns 1114 ships.
    • The fleet calls at over a thousand ports worldwide.
    • Founded in April 27, 1961
  2. V Ships
    • 940 Vessels
    • Founded 1984
    • Number of employees 3,000 ashore And 44,000 at sea.
  3. Anglo-Eastern
    • 831 Vessels
    • It has its own collage
  4. Maersk Group
    • Total of 786 Vessels
    • It is the world’s largest container shipping company by both fleet size and cargo capacity.
    • With a Total of 350+ Offices worldwide
  5. Schulte Group
  6. CMA CGM Group
    • with 509 vessels and 110,000 employees
    • French shipping company which was founded in 1996.
    • With a presence in 160 countries through 755 agencies, 750 warehouses.
  7. Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC)
    • With more than 500 Vessels.
    • MSC is a Geneva-based Italian shipping company.
    • Around 500 offices worldwide.
  8. Fleet Management
    • One of the world’s largest independent third-party ship management companies.
    • 463 vessels
  9. Thome
    • 400 Vessels
    • Around 12,000 seafarers.
    • Thome celebrated its 55th anniversary in 2018
  10. Wilhelmsen
    • 396 Vessels
    • Early in the year, Wilhelmsen Shipmanagement ventured into the offshore wind sector. 
  11. Synergy Marine Group
  12. Hapag-Lloyd
    • operates 236 ships with a capacity of around 1.7 million twenty-foot equivalent units. (according to
  13. Ocean Network Express
    1. Operations will be performed through a fleet of 240 vessels, including 31 super-large ships, such as the world largest 20,000TEU container-ships, in a service network covering over 90 countries around the world.

Merchant Navy Jobs in India

We know that 90% of total cargo is transported through ships but even after that people are not getting Jobs and struggling hard. Collages are unable to bring companies to campus so what now? One of the common way to get job in India is going to Mumbai with your CV and try visiting different companies. Another way is going to an agent (We are against it and fraud is common ).

In this difficult time, some of the companies can help you. Till date i know 2 company that considers you no matter from which college you come and your background. First company is Synergy Maritime and other is wallem ship management.

For synergy, they take a written paper and that is open for everyone no matter you completed your college last year or 2-3 years back. All you have to do is prepare for its exam (some sample tests are in the online test section of our website). Once you clear written you will go through an interview that’s it. (i know it is not that simple but you have to work hard for written at least they provide opportunity.) Stay tuned to we will tell you when information about written paper comes.

For wallem ship management you will need to visit company in Mumbai and know about the vacancy. It is a very reputed company and provides everyone with opportunity. If i get information about vacancy will let you know guys.

Documents that you need before you get onboard

Hello, Seafarers happy new year!

I was checking my documents and thought of writing an article on this topic. Not wasting your much time. Below is the list of documents that I needed and most probably your company will ask for it too.

  1. 10th 12th mark sheet
  2. Indos Certificate
  3. Collage Marksheets of each semester
  4. Character Certificate
  5. The consolidated mark sheet that collage will give in the end.
  6. DC of oil and gas carrier
  7. Medical that the company will ask you to do
  8. Yellow Fever Vaccine
  9. STCW Certificate

If you think i missed something please comment below and make me know.

Blog, 4th Dec 2019, MUMBAI

I am thinking of writing my day to day experience so that people know how it feels in merchant navy line. Yes making videos will be more convenient for you guys to watch but that is a bit time consuming but i will definitely start making videos.

It is very fascinating as it offers 6 month of job and 6 month of rest or free time. But the actual story is quiet different initially as a deck cadet i will get a contract of 9 Months (+- 1 month). And this is really a long time almost a year. So it is going to be difficult as i never stayed away from home for this long. Have stayed Maximum of 6 months and that felt long at the end.

There are so many Questions poping in my mind right now.

  1. Is Merchant Navy a Right choice ?
  2. Is it a good choice for long term like 10-12 years?
  3. How it feels on board?
  4. Work culture?
  5. Away from family & friends for 9 months?

Answering all these questions require Experience, So what i will basically do is wait & experience things.And put everything on this blog column of the website and even try putting videos for everyone.

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