Deck Cadet Practice Interview online

Initially, we thought of doing it free so that we can help people achieve confidence when they face actual interviews. But sorry to say we received calls were students were unprepared. So to make sure student is prepared we will charge so that we don’t receive spam calls. To gain confidence we recommend you to give an online sample interview where your seniors who are already placed will take your interview.

Face practice interview for deck cadet

Normally here you will face 2 interviewer (1 male and 1 female ). One will take your HR and other will go for the technical part sometimes it might happen that only one interviewer takes the whole interview. We understand you might be in 2nd year, 3rd year or maybe from DNS course so we will try asking you relevant questions. Main motive is to make you confident to face the real interview.

Interview duration 20-30 minutes.

Waiting period maximum of 48 hours.


If interested email us on

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