Chapter 5 – Effect of density on draft and displacement – FWA; DWA ; loadliness of ship.

  1. A ship of 16000t displacement and TPC is 20 floating in SW at a draft of 8.0m. Find her draft in FW .
  2. A ship goes from the water of RD 1.008 to SW. Find the change in  draft , if her FWA is 180mm, and state whether it would be sinkage or rise.

  3. A vessel goes from water of RD 1.010 to FW. If her FWA is 160mm, State whether she would sink or rise and by how much.

  4. A ship of FWA 175mm goes from water of RD 1.006 to water 0f RD 1.018 . Find the amount of sinkage or rise.

  5. A ship’s stability data book gives her load displacement to be 18000 t and TPC to be 25. If she is now loading in DW of RD 1.018, by how much may her be loadline be immerse so that she would not be over loaded.

  6. A box-shaped vessel 20 x 4 x2 m has mean draft of 1.05m in SW. Calculate her draft in DW of RD 1.012.

  7. A box-shaped vessel 18 x5 x2 m floats in DW of RD1.000 at a draft 1.4m. Calculate her percentage reserve buoyancy when she enters the SW .

  8. The hydrostatic particular of a ship indicate that her displacement in SW at a draft of 5m is 3000t. Find her displacement when floating at 5m draft in water of RD 1.018.
  9. A vessel displaces 4500 t of FW at a certain draft . Find her displacement at the same draft in water of RD 1.020 .
  10. A ship 100m long and 20m wide, block coefficient 0.8m, floats in SW at a mean draft of 8.0 m. Calculate the difference in displacement when floating at the same draft in FW .
  11. A vessel displaces 14500 tonnes, if floating in SW up to her winter load- line. If she is in a dock of RD 1.010 , with her winter load- line on the surface water , find how much cargo she can load, so that she would floats at her winter load-line in SW .
  12. A vessel of 12000 t displacement arrives at the mouth of a river , drawing 10.0 m in SW. how much cargo must she discharge so that her draft in an up river port of RD 1.012 would be 10m .
  13. A vessel floating in DW of RD 1.005 has the upper edge of her summer loadline in the water line to starboard and 50mm above the waterline to port . If her FWA is 180mm  and  TPC is 24 , find the amount of cargo which the vessel can load to bring  her to her permissible draft .
  14. A vessel is floating at 7.8m draft in DW of RD 1.010 . TPC is 18 and FWA is 250mm. the maximum permissible draft .
  15. A vessel’s statutory freeboard is 2.0m. She is loading in DW of RDD 1.015 and her freeboard is 2.1m . TPC =24. FWA = 200mm. find the DWT available .
  16. A vessel is lying in a river berth of density 1.010 tonnes per m3 , with her summer loadline 20mm above the water on the starboard side and 50mm above the water on the port side . Find how much cargo she can load to bring her to her to her summer loadline in SW, if her summer displacement is 15000 tonnes and TPC is 25.
  17. A vessel is floating in dockwater of RD 1.005with her starboard  WNA  mark 30mm below and her port WNA mark 60mm below the waterline . If her summer SW draught is 8.4m, TPC is 30 and FWA is 160 mm, calculate how much  cargo can be loaded to bring the vessel to her vessel draught in SW.
  18. A vessel is loading in a SW dock and is lying with her starboard winter loadline 60mm above and her port winter loadline 20mm below the surface of water. if her summer draught in SW is 7.2m and TPC is 20,, find how many tonnes of cargo the vessel can load to bring to her  down to her tropical loadline in SW.
  19. From the following details, Calculate the DWT available :- present free board: port 3.0m, starboard 2.9m in water of RD 1.020 FWA 200mm. TPC 30. Statutory summer free board 2.8m.
  20. From the following information , calculate the DWT available up to the tropical loadline SW :-
    • Persent freeboards : port 1.6m, starboard 1.79m inRD 1.017.
    • Tropical SW freeboard : 1.63m
    • Tropical of  SW draft : 9.6m
    • FWA 150mm, TPC 20.4 .
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