Charter Party- Various clauses and their interpretation (Marine notes , imu notes)


A charter party may contain this clause , this article is written with refrence with wikipedia so you can trust this perticular page . for more on this topic read from wikipedia.

Bunker clause

A bunker clause stipulates that the charterer shall accept and pay for all fuel oil in the vessel’s bunkers at port of delivery and conversely, (owners) shall pay for all fuel oil in the vessel’s bunkers at port of re-delivery at current price at the respective ports.

Negligence clause

A negligence clause tends to exclude shipowner’s or carrier’s liability for loss or damage resulting from an act, default or neglect of the master, crew .

Ship clause

Under this clause, the owner of the ship writes clearly that the ship would be seaworthy at the start of the voyage in every respect, in other words, the ship would be appropriate to travel to the country for which it is taken.

Ready berth clause

A ready berth clause is inserted in a charter party, i.e. a stipulation to the effect that laydays will begin to count as soon as the vessel has arrived at the port of loading or discharge “whether in berth or not”. It protects shipowner’s interests against delays which arise from ships having to wait for a berth.