Compass error and gyro error


Gyro error

When the gyro reading is higher than the true value , the error is termed as HIGH (to correct such error the error is subtracted to get the true reading)

Similarly there is LOW .

For example if ship is heading 000 degree true North and gyro is showing

a) 358 degree (this value is less then the actual, t hence it is LOW error ). (2 degree LOW)

b) 5 degree true (This value is higher than the actual , hence it is HIGH error and correction is to be subtracted from it ) .  Gyro error is 5 degree High.

Compass Error

Compass error is the angle at the magnetic compass contained between the true north and compass north.

CE is named EAST if the compass North lies to the right of true north.

CE is named WEST if the compass North lies to the left of the true north.

Error EAST compass LEAST

Error WEST compass BEST

Question 1 .

If the bearing is 330 Degree true & compass error is 10 Degree West. Find the compass bearing.

Answer- 340degree (C)

According to the above rule , since error is West compass will be Best so error is added to true Bearing to get the answer.

Or you can use CADET rule .