Connecting A Lugless Joining Shackle


The lugless joining shackle is used to connect two separate lengths of chains. The shackle consists of two separate halves that are securely joined together with a centre chock and taper pin.
Lugless joining shackles are made of non-corrosive nickel steel and are in four parts, shackle sides, stud or chock & spile pin. The link is secured by means of a metal spile pin and lead pellet, the pin being driven diagonally through the sides of the link and the stud. To part these shackles, the pin and pellet are driven out, the stud knocked clear, and the two sides of the shackle separated by means of a top swage available from the manufacturer.
Lugless shackles made of nickel steel are not heat treated, only tested. Both types of joining shackles whether lugless or lugged, are larger than the common links of cable being joined together, and may therefore jam in the cable holder. When connecting/joining two shackles together, they are to be laid closer, sides of the lugless joining shackle are to pass through the inner links of two chain shackles and brought together, then insert the stud and lastly insert the spile pin and put the lead pellet, to block the spile pin from coming out.
  These shackles are hardened and tempered and needs less maintenance.
Features of lugless joining shackles:
High quality
Competitive price
Steel made
Non corrosive

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