Consolidated Shipping


Consolidated shipping is a method of shipping where consolidator combines individual lower than the container load shipments from various slippers into one full container shipment.

Use of consolidated shipping gives a shipper affordable rate.

when the full container shipment reaches its destination the shipment are then consolidated into the small lots of different slippers and then shipment is done.

Benefit of consolidated shipping.

Cost saving – Most of the time shipper will only use half or 2/3 of the container but have to pay for the full space with the coming of consolidated service he will not need to pay for entire space.

Reduced chance of damage – consolidator use a model that significantly reduce the handling of the product as cargo moves from shipper to consolidated centre to receiver with fewer touchpoints there is less opportunity of product to get damaged.

Speed to market – a consolidated strategy can help get your goods delivered where it need to be on your schedule

Challenges of consolidated shipping

  1. Finding a career – not all career sir willing to carry consolidated shipments because of the added complexity.
  2. Organising and planning- consolidated shipment require more organisation and planning then full shipmentent as a shipper you need to be aware of pricing method, dimensions ,timing and other specifications in order to make your shipment get where it need to go.
  3. Time- consolidated shipment can take more time because first full container is unloaded at the port and then each segment is divided before transport.
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