Construction and maintenance of lifting appliances



All lifting appliance, including all parts and working gear whether fixed or moveable, and any plant or gear used in anchoring of fixing such appliance, shall be:

(a) of good construction, sound material, adequate strength for the purpose for which it is used and free from patent defect; and

(b) maintained in good repair and working order.


(a) Every drum or pulley round which the rope of any lifting appliances is carried, shall be of adequate diameter and construction In relation to the rope used.

(b) Any rope which terminates at the winding drum of a lifting appliances shall be securely attached to the drum and at least three dead turns of the rope shall remain on the drum in every operating position of the lifting appliance.

(c) The flange of the drum should project twice the rope diameter beyond the last layer and if this height is not available, other measures such as anti-slackness guards shall be provided to prevent the rope from coming off the drum.


Every lifting appliances shall be provided with an efficient brakes which shall-

(a) be capable of preventing fall of a suspended load (Including any test load ) and of effectively controlling a load while it is being lowered;

(b) act without shock;

(c) be provided with simple and easily accessible means of adjustment:

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