What is Bay plan and what are the marking on the container?


The Bay Plan is a numbering system that gives a cross-sectional view of the arrangement of containers on a vessel above and below the deck. It consists of 6 digits. The first two digits indicate the bay, the middle two indicate the row and the last two represent the tier.

Bay plan will help to determine the correct stowage position of containers as per the cargo plan.

A container vessel is split into slots or compartments called bays.

1. The Bay starts from bay 01 from the bow and can continue till bay 40 to the stern depending on the size of the vessel. A 20 footer container will occupy odd numbered bays whereas 40 footer containers are numbered with even number bays.

2. The Row shows the position of the container across the width – 

  • A container placed on the centerline is marked 00. 
  • Rows are odd-numbered on the starboard side like 01, 03,05,07…
  • Rows are even-numbered on the port side like 02, 04, 06, 08…

3. Tier represents the height.

Tier is the last 2 digit, It denotes the height at which the container is kept on or under the deck. If it is placed on Deck numbering normally starts from 82, 84,86 and so on. And the Containers stowed under the deck are numbered 04,06 and so on. (Starting from the bottom )

Container marking

Container marking consist of fallowing –

  1. There is a 4 letter code first 3 letters represent Owner code and the last letter represents Equipment category. 
  2. The serial number consists of 6 digits followed by 1 number check digit.
  3. Below that 4 digit alphanumeric code. (It represents size and type of the container.)

Other information is also written as follows

  1. Maximum gross – the Maximum combined weight of container and cargo.
  2. Tare weight – Weight of empty container without any cargo.
  3. Maximum payload – Maximum weight of cargo that can be loaded in a container

Where can we find the bay plan?

We can find the Bay plan in the lodicator computer. 

How to know where is IMDG cargo kept onboard?

We can check the position of the IMDG cargo in the following locations-

  1. We can find the IMDG cargo container in Loadicator computer.
  2. We can aslo find the location in the Fire Wallet ?
  3. It can be sometimes found out side the ships office.
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