Containerization (shipping management )


Containerization is a method in which a large amount of material is packed into a large standardized container.

It is a system of intermodal freight transport using international container having a standardized dimension.

By containerization , containers can be loaded ,unloaded, stocked and transported effectively over long distance and transferred from one mode of transport to another.

in this system the handling is completely mechanized all the handling stand with the help of grains for special forklift lift truck.

due to coming of containerization now all containers are number and can be tracked using computerised system.

Containerization is major part of globalisation because it reduces the cost of transport and even ease of transport.

Advantages of container service

  1. Faster handling of cargo reducing exposure to loss or damage
  2. Lower inventories required
  3. Now the ship and terminal can be more effectively used as time taken for loading and discharging is getting less
  4. Shortening of total cargo held in transit
  5. Lowest labour cost because it requires automated handling technique.
  6. Lower cost of packing, documentistion ,insurance and forwarding.
  7. It enables door to door movement of cargo instead of Port to Port movement.