Content of muster list


Content of muster list:

  • Vessel name / IMO number
  • Emergency duties of all crew and personnel onboard
  • General and emergency alarms
  • person responsible for LSA/FFA maintenance
  • Substitutes for person in-charge ( if incapacitated )
  • Masters signature & Location of Muster station and SOPEP gears
  • Special duties in case of emergency and abandon ship
  • Format to be approved by the flag state
  • All emergency alarm and signals.
  • The action to be taken by the crew and passengers.
  • Where appropriate, communication equipment, channels and reporting chain to be used during an abandonment or other emergency should be specified.
  • The means by which the order to abandon ship is to be given.
  • The duties to be carried out by each member of the ship’s complement in an emergency. Such duties include:
    • The preparation, swinging out or deploying of survival craft and other life-saving appliances,
    • The closing of watertight and fire doors, and all other openings such as skylights, portholes and side scuttles and any openings in the hull.
    • Duties in connection with fire-fighting, the use of communication equipment and the equipping of survival craft.
  • Persons assigned for survival craft or launching station.
  • This provision of substitutes must be shown on the muster list and may be a detailed list or in the form of a general statement such as “Should key persons become disabled, those next in line, as appropriate, should take their place”.
  • The muster list must show the name or rank of the officers whose duty is to ensure that the life-saving and fire-fighting appliances are maintained in a condition to be always ready for use.


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