Content of wheel house poster


Wheelhouse poster contains the following information.

  1. Ships particular
    • Name
    • Call sign
    • Gross tonnage
    • Net tonnage
  2. Steering particular
    • Type of rudder
    • Maximum angle
    • Time Hard over to hard over
      1. With one power unit
      2. With two power unit
    • Minimum speed to maintain course
  3. Draft at which manoeuvering data were obtained.
  4. Propulsion particular as shown below (It will have various engine order and respective RPM)
Content of wheelhouse poster

5. Anchor chain

Content of wheel house poster

6. Man overboard rescue maneuver.

7. Thruster effect and Draught increase(With squat effect at various UKC)

8. Turning Circle and stopping characteristics

Have a look at complete wheelhouse poster

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