Deck Cargo – Precautions when carrying deck cargo.


A lot of cargos are carried on deck like containers, Timber, Cars or other vehicles, iron steel pipes, Machineries may also be shipped on deck.

Precautions when carrying deck cargo.

    • The deck cargo should not be concentrated but should be distributed over a larger area.
    • Load density should never be exceeded.
    • GM of the vessel should remain adequate at all stages of the vessel.
    • Weight should be properly stowed so that vessel is not listed.
    • Deck cargo provide a greater wind resistance and can increase the heeling moment due to wind.
    • All openings on deck should be securly closed and battened down before deck cargo is stowed on top.
    • Ventilation, Air pipes should be in good condition and should not let water get inside hold.
    • Height of the deck cargo should not impair visibility from the bridge.
    • Lashing is very important for safety of crew, cargo, vessel and environment.
    • Lashing must be carried out by competent person in accordance with cargo securing mannual (CSM).
  • A clear walking space on deck at least 600mm wide should be provided for access for personnel to and from there workspce.