Different types of anchor


Types of Anchors

1. Admiralty Pattern.

  • The Admiralty Pattern anchor, or simply “Admiralty“, also known as a “Fisherman”, consists of a central shank with a ring or shackle for attaching the rode. … When the anchor lands on the bottom, it will generally fall over with the arms parallel to the seabed.

2. Stockless Anchor.

  • A stockless anchor is a streamlined derivation of the Traditional Admiralty pattern anchor used on board large ships. Though it did not hold as well as an Admiralty, the trade-off proved acceptable and the stockless anchor became widely popular and remains so today.
  • Important Features :
    1. Design
    2. Performance
    3. Action
  • Design : The stockless anchor is an improved version of the Admiralty anchor. It has two flukes that pivot on the same plane perpendicular to the shank. The weight of the shank and accompanying chain and the angled shank under tension, keep the anchor laying flat on the sea floor (Bed).
  • Performance: The stockless anchor is simple in design and with no unnecessary parts. This makes it comparatively easy to handle and stow. The simple geometry of its design makes breaking it from the bottom a relatively easy and reliable procedure. The shank being able to pivot while the flukes are embedded in the sea floor minimizes wear on attachment hardware. Another advantage of the pivoting shank design is that the anchor generally will still hold even if the wind and current changes direction and causes the vessel to pull on the anchor from a slightly different angle. Due to the simple design of the stockless anchor, it is capable of free falling much faster in water than other more bulky anchors.
    In terms of advantages, the stockless anchor is shown to perform poorly in soft mud cohesive bottom, such assoil or sand compared to other types made especially for that type of bottom. Having an efficiency rate of 4-6 compared to other types of anchors with efficiency rates ranging from 15 – 55.

3. Grapnel anchor.

4.Herreshoff anchor.

Herreshoff anchor.
source- https://www.woodenboat.com/herreshoff-three-piece-stock-anchor

5.Northill anchor.

6. CQR (secure) plough anchor.

7. Delta anchor.

8. Danforth anchor.

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