Dunnaging requirements (use of dunnage in ships) , marine notes


Dunnage are used for following purpose

Dunnge is loose wood, matting, or similar material used to keep a cargo in position in a ship’s hold. This is not the only reason we use dunnage but we have so many uses of dunnage like

  1. They ensure sufficient clearance from deck and sides to prevent contact between contact between cargo and cooling pipes.
  2. Also protects from any moisture formation to contaminate the cargo.
  3. Provide support to the cargo, and also keeps cargo rigid at there place.
  4. To prevent damage to bottom tier by over stowed cargo.
  5. It also helps in unobstructed circulation of cooled air below, around, through the cargo.
  6. If can also provide some insulation from the surrounding .
  7. In case different temperatures are being maintained in the adjoining compartment it will prevent from sweat.