During the inspection of the hatch cover, pay particular attention to:

  • Hold ladders
  • Tank top
  • Cracks in plating, frames, web and other strengtheners
  • Leakage from top side tanks
  • Piping system in the hold
  • Shipside frames and transverse bulkheads
  • Connection of the bulkhead with upper stool shelf plate, especially at the swages end of the corrugation.
  • Connection of the bulkhead to topside sloping plate.
  • Corrugation bulkhead in entirety for buckling / distortion.
  • Connection of ballast trunk to shell plating, topside and hopper tank.
  • Connection of bulkhead with lower stool, lower stool shelf plate and shedder plate. Check shedder plate carefully for cracks in way of crossing of shedder plate in adjacent hold and for any cracks in the bulkheads.
  • Lower stool bulkhead and its connection to tank top and side hoppers.
  • Connection of curtain plate/diaphragm between corrugations with corrugated bulkheads.
  • Access ladders and platforms condition including handrails.
  • Manhole doors to lower stools for any leakage.
  • Welds – check for any decay or breakdown of welds.
  • Breakdown of paint coatings.
  • Structural damage
  • Hatch coamings and hatch end beams – pay particular attention to:
  • Check hatch coaming brackets/stays connection to the main deck for any cracks, especially stays close to centre line and at extreme ends of the coamings.
  • Check hatch coaming flats for any grooving in way of resting area of hatch covers, cracks in way of hatch cover wheel lifting plates and cut outs for cleats.
  • Check all hatch corners (inside) for cracks in the deck plating and in the coaming.
  • Check for cracks in main deck plating and top stool shelf plate in way of hatch entrances.
  • On hatch end beams, check for cracks in way of knuckles, grain filling holes, hatch end beam connection to top side tanks and end connection of hatch end beams to top side tank sloped plate.
  • Cross deck underside longitudinal brackets connections to hatch end beam and top stool vertical bulkhead.

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