Maximum Marks: 70
NOTE: Attempt all the questions.
1. Effective communication is crucial for marine industry. Justify the statement.
2. Identify the present tense structures in the sentences and mention if it is a Simple Present Tense /
Present Continuous tense. (1×10=10)
a) I am travelling at three knots. b) We sail from Dover to Calais every day.
c) The Second Engineer supervises the engine room. d) We’re leaving harbour now.
e) We are navigating by the stars. f) I am not standing watch tonight.
g) I am planning the route. h) We avoid collisions by navigating safely.
i) We are not arriving but leaving our berth j) Wind, tide and swell affect a ship’s movement.
3. Complete the information from the data given in the radio conversation: (1×5=5)
a) Emergency call received from: ________
b) Call made to: _________
c) On channel: ________
d) Location: ________
e) Summary of emergency: ________
Captain of Sirius: May day, May day, May day. All stations, all stations, all stations.
This is Sirius, Sirius, Sirius.May day. Over.
Westkapelle Coast Guard: Hello Sirius. This is Westkapelle Coast Guard. Channel
one six. Question: What is the nature of your emergency? Over.
Captain of Sirius: Westkapelle, this is fishing vessel Sirius. We are taking on water
very fast and we have got dead batteries. Request immediate assistance. Over.
Westkapelle Coast Guard: Fishing vessel Sirius. This is Westkapelle Netherlands
coast guard. Question: What is your position? Over.
Captain of Sirius: Hello Westkapelle. We are in the Wadden Sea, about twenty
kilometres NorthWest of Harlingen. Over.
4. Convert the following verbs into simple past tense (1 x 10=10)
a) intersect b) make c) travel d) give e) head f) plot
g) change h) drop i) reach j) sight
5. Write the Letter Codes of the following alphabets: (1×7=7 )
i) A ii) C iii) F iv) I v) K vi) L vii) M
Met offices frequently contact ships to get information about the weather at specific locations.
There is also a voluntary scheme whereby sea farers send weather updates to the Met Office. This
information is used in building up an accurate picture of the weather in each sea area as well as
helping to identify and track weather movements.
Complete the weather report by filling up the blanks with information from the weather updates
given above: (1×8=8)
Weather record
a) Location: ———– b) Time: ———- c) Date: ———
d) Wind direction: ———– e) Wind Force: ———– f) Sea State: ————
g) Weather: ——— h) Visibility: ———
7. Make your own sentences using the verbs in regular use by mariners: (Any Ten)
(1 x 10 = 10)
a) (to) abandon b) (to) damage c) (to) embark
d) (to) ground e) (to) load f) (to) pollute
g) (to) release (allow cargo to be collected) h) (to) scrape the bottom (clean the hull)
i) (to) secure (make safe) j) (to) substitute (replace)
k) (to) terminate l) (to) tow
8. Describe the three departments onboard a merchant ship. Discuss briefly the Deck Department.
The Trafalgar Shipping forecast at 2400 on Tuesday the 11th of December North
easterly Force 4 or 5 , Moderate or rough, Showers, Good.