Entering enclosed space on ship ,What is the need of enclosed space? ,Precautions taken before entering an enclosed space.


Entering enclosed space on the ship

What is the need for enclosed space?
An enclosed space can be used for several reasons like many of these enclosed spaces are used for installing some machinery or for storing machinery parts or workshop equipment. A lot many pipelines run through each part of the ship including the enclosed spaces.

Precautions before entering an enclosed space.

1)List of works should be made so that it is easier for the person going down to do the work and he can come back quickly.
2) Potential hazards are to be identified such as the presence of toxic gases, Space has to be checked for oxygen content and other gas content with the help of oxygen analyzer and gas detector.
3)The oxygen content should read 20% by volume percentage less than 20% is not acceptable and more time of ventilation should be given for in such circumstances.
4) all fire hazard possibilities should be minimised Hip Hop work is to be carried out this can be done by emptying fuel tank or chemical tank nearby the hot workplace.
5) check for sufficient lighting and illumination before entering
6)permit to work is to be valid only for a certain period of time if the time period expired then again get a permit.
7)A proper permit to work has to be filled out and checklist to be checked so as to prevent any accident which can endanger life.
8) the person may also carry lifeline with him inside.
9)proper sign and men at work signboard should be provided at the required places so that other persons also get aware that someone is inside the enclosed space and they should not switch on something that can endanger the life of the people working.

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