EPIRB (Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon).


It is a device that alerts SAR (search and rescue services) in case of an emergency at sea. It is mandatory to carry one EPIRB on every ship and two EPIRBS for all INDIAN Registered ships.

An EPIRB transmits signals to the satellite. The signal consists of encrypted codes containing the following information about.

  • Ship’s identification
  • date of the event
  • nature of distress

Types Of EPIRB

    406.025 MHz and 121.5 MHz band
    1.6 GHz band 
  • VHF CH 70
    156.525 MHz band

The EPIRB needs to be activated to emit signals. This could be done by pushing a button on the unit, or it could happen automatically if and when it comes in contact with water.

  • 48 hours of transmitting capacity
  • Normally replaced every 2 to 5 years

It is possible that the EPIRB might get activated by mistake, In case the EPIRB is falsely activated, the nearest coast station or RCC (Rescue Co-Ordination Center) must be informed just after the event.

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