Exclusive economic zone: EEZ

  • Max limit 200 miles from the baseline.
  • The coastal state has exclusive right to exploit living and non-living resources in its EEZ.
  • Can enact regulations on pollution and environment protection in it’s EEZ.
  • Has the exclusive right to construct artificial islands in its EEZ.
  • The exclusive right to fish.
  • Conduct scientific research in its EEZ. Exclusive economic zones, however, can not generate from an uninhabited island. These islands can only generate a territorial sea and contiguous zone.
  • Flag state vessels have the following rights and obligations in EEZ of other states: Freedom of navigation as in High seas. Lay submarine cable/ pipe lineObserve pollution control regulations of the coastal state fishing gear if carried must be in stowed /secured conditionRespect and comply with the 500 meters security zones of the offshore installations/ artificial islands of the coastal state.

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