Fire Emergency Response Procedure:

  1. Sounding of the Fire Alarm:
    • Immediately sound the fire alarm to alert all crew members on the ship about the fire emergency.
  2. Assembling the Emergency Party:
    • Assemble the emergency response team to deal with the fire situation effectively.
    • Ensure that all designated crew members are aware of their roles and responsibilities.
  3. Accounting for All Crew Members:
    • Ensure that all crew members are accounted for, especially those who might be inside the space where the fire has occurred.
    • If someone is missing, inform the emergency response team and take necessary action for search and rescue.
  4. Attempting Initial Measures to Contain the Fire:
    • If safe to do so and depending on the type and size of the fire, attempt to use available firefighting equipment to contain the fire at its early stage.
    • Crew members should follow fire safety procedures and use appropriate firefighting equipment as per their training.
  5. Implementing Proper Fire-Fighting Responses:
    • Depending on the severity and location of the fire, activate firefighting systems such as CO2 flooding in enclosed spaces.
    • Follow the ship’s fire-fighting plan and procedures for different types of fires and areas.
  6. Preparing Boats for Launching:
    • Prepare lifeboats and other life-saving appliances for possible evacuation in case the fire cannot be controlled.
    • Ensure that all necessary equipment is ready for quick and safe evacuation if required.
  7. All Other Necessary Support Actions:
    • Take any other necessary actions as per the ship’s fire-fighting plan and emergency response procedures.
    • Communicate with the bridge and provide regular updates on the fire situation and response actions.

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