Fortnite is back! Chapter 2


Fortnite season 11 or chapter 2

After the season 10 end event, Fortnite was offline and all you could see was a black hole on the screen for several hours. Finally, Fortnite is back not as season 11 but as chapter 2. The opening cinematic shows some of the game’s characters exploring the brand new map, discovering cool new locations and doing stuff like fishing for weapons. The interesting thing about the map is that the places and not named yet and as the time is passing the names of the places are getting on the map it all started with the map below. Everyone is super excited about the new map of fortnite.

The trailer of chapter 2 is out and we are posting that along with this post have a look.

We will be posting daily about the challenges and the places you have to visit to complete the challenge. As it will turn difficult as no one had any idea about the new map.

We have all new vehicles not just that the places are also interesting like we have a factory or something with big funnels, maybe swimming is a new ability that I haven’t tried yet. We can shoot the fire pumps and that will blast now (interesting) and maybe the ability to carry your teammate will be rolling out soon as we can see in the trailer.

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