Function 1 (Navigation oral) – questions with answer

  1. ROR Rule 2.
  2. ROR Rule 3 (NOC, RAM, CBD, Underway, Making way, Sailing vessel, seaplane, Length overall.)
  3. What do you mean by vessel in sight of one another?
  4. Describe rule number 5.
  5. Rule number 6.
  6. Describe a safe speed by vessels with operational radar?
  7. Rule 7 – Risk of collision.
    1. At what scale is your radar?
    2. why is it on 6 and 12 not 24 ?
    3. What would you use to determine the risk of collision?
  8. If the bearing is steady, is there a risk of collision ?
  9. What is rule number 8 ?
    1. Explain each action under rule number 8.
    2. Why alter and not slow down or stoping vessel?
    3. What will you check while taking any alteration?
    4. If you are in any doubt while taking alteration what will you do ?
  10. Explain rule number 9 – Narrow channel?
    1. What side of the narrow channel would you keep ?
    2. Are you allowed to cross narrow channel?
  11. What is TSS.
    1. Explain rule number 10.
    2. How do you leave a lane?
    3. How do you cross a lane?
    4. Why 90 degrees?
    5. which vessel can use the inshore zone?
    6. What do you understand by inshore zone?
    7. Where can you anchor?
    8. Where can you go fishing in the TSS?

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