General guidance for Reefer Cargo Temperature Recording 


General guidance for Reefer Cargo Temperature Recording 

Reefer containers require special care after they are loaded on board ship. These containers need to be supplied with power, monitored closely for proper function and repaired as required in case of malfunction. The article here is about procedures and guidelines on reefer cargo Temperature Recording

Deck cadet, Tr OS generally takes the reefer round but since it is a valuable cargo OS or a AB should do it as per company requirement.

How much you can earn with reefer money?

Reefer money depends totally on charter, So some charter can pay less some pays more. Normally crew gets money for pluging reefers, Pluging out reefer and monitoring. Pluging in reefer 2$ / reefer, Pluging out reefer 2$/ reefer, Monitoring reefer can give 8$/ reefer container. And in case of Restow container you will get 4$. So of you have aroundd 200-300 reefers on board then each of the crew member will get somewhere around 300-450 $ for the whole sailing/Voyage. Some charter pary pay very less like 1$ plugin/plug out in that case the money crew earns in very less like 100$ for the full voyage.

How reefer money is distributed.

20% of the total amount goes to Batti Sahab (Electrical officer). Rest 80% is distributed in equal parts among all the deck crew, deck cedet and with tr. Electrical officer.

Reefer monitoring is generally done by the deck cadet (on papers OS or AB does). He can have a tablet for monitoring or something like that, Some vessels still maintain paper logs. What all is recorded in reefer round is Supply, Return and most important If the container is in range or not.

These charts should always carry the following endorsements:

> Name of Vessel
> Voyage Number
> Container Number
> Temperature Setting
> Load Port
> Discharge Port
> Date of Stuffing/Change
> Ventilators: Closed/Open (degrees)
> Humidity Controls (HMC) (percentage)

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