General Precautions to be observed while working cargo

  1. cooling in compartment open for loading should be stopped to prevent frosting of grid pipes which will not only reduce cooling efficiency but on melting will result in water accumulation in the compartment and possible damage to the cargo.
  2. Taintable cargo should not be stored with fruits nor loaded in a compartment which has carried fruit unless it has been deodorized.
  3. Heavy cargo should be stored below the light cargoes ,so that the heavy cargo does not deform the light cargo.
  4. Monitor temperature in the compartment during loading and it should not rise above a specified level, if it is suspected that the temperature may rise above the specified temperature then close the compartment and recool it.
  5. Proper cargo gear should be used example Canvas nets for meat and trays for crates/ cases of cheese, butter, eggs and fruits.
  6. Cargo should not be dragged pushed or thrown.