Grounding or Stranding:


Grounding or Stranding: The term ”Stranding” is normally used when referring to accidental grounding, as distinct from ”Beaching” which is intentional. When a ship goes aground the engines should be stopped immediately. the alarm should be sounded, watertight doors closed, boats prepared and a distress or urgency signal transmitted. It may be worth making an immediate attempt to refloat the ship. The engineers should be informed before the engines are used as it may be necessary to change over to a high injection valve for circulating cooling water in order to avoid the risk of drawing sand or silt into the condenser tubes. All compartments should be sounded to determine the extent of the damage. Soundings should also be taken with the hand lead at various positions around the ship and the draught forward and aft carefully read to ascertain over what portion of the length the ship is aground.

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