How do you change the paper of the Echo sounder?

How do you change the paper of the Echo sounder

  • Turn off the echo sounder otherwise it will start giving no paper alarm and that is really annoying.
  • Open the paper cover by pressing the paper cover open button.
  • Set the paper in the correct direction (Earlier days we used to cut the paper to have a triangular tip so that it rolls inside easily but now we don’t need that technique.)
  • Shut the cover after putting the paper roll with its tip inside.
  • While closing push both sides together.

Care and maintenance to keep echo sounder in good working condition.

  • Use a soft cloth (dry) to wipe out the dust you can also use a brush for dusting echo sounder.
  • Do not use solvents like thinner to clean the body.
  • Check frequently and make sure nuts and bolts are tight.
  • Check for loose cable connections and tight that.

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