International safety guide for oil tanker and terminal

It is well known that safety is critical to the tanker industry.

ISGOTT continues to provide the best technical guide on tanker and terminal operations. This is the definitive guide to the safe carriage and handling of crude oil and petroleum products on tanker and terminal.

It is published by ICS (International chamber of shipping) on behalf of OCIMF (Oil companies international marine forum)

The guide is divided in 4 sections

  1. General information
    • Basic properties
    • Static electricity
    • Fire protection
    • Security
    • Human factor
  2. Tanker information
    • Management of safety and emergencies
    • Enclosed space
    • Shipboard system
    • Shipboard operation
    • Carrying and storing hazardous material
  3. Terminal information
    • Marine terminal administration 
    • Marine terminal operations
    • Marine terminal system and equipment
  4. The management of tanker and terminal interface
    • Communication 
    • Mooring and Berthing 
    • Tanker terminal precautions 
    • Ship shore safety checklist

Please note there are four sections as mentioned above but have more chapters inside, here we just mentioned what is sufficient for you to remember for second mate orals.

The purpose of the guide is to –

  • provide operational advice and assist personal directly involved in tanker and terminal operation.
  • Safe carriage of crude oil and other petroleum products.
  • Safe handling of crude oil and other petroleum products.

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