Knots asked frequently


I selected some videos that were correct and most beautifully explained, I linked them with the name so you can click on the name and see the video.

  1. Reef (square knot)
  2. Overhand Knot
  3. Bowline
  4. Bowline on a bight
  5. Clove hitch
  6. Clove hitch on a bight
  7. Cow hitch
  8. Sheet bend
  9. Double sheet
  10. Carrick bend single
  11. Round turn half hitch
  12. Round turn and 2 half hitches
  13. Rolling hitch
  14. Timber hitch
  15. Carrick bend double
  16. Marline spike
  17. Fisherman bend/ bucket hitch
  18. Toom fool(joote wali)
  19. Monkey Fist
  20. Sheep shank
  21. Crown knot
  22. Wall knot

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