Limitations of ECDIS


1.Chart Accuracy

ECDIS provides the navigator with a ____ tool which incorporates a high accuracy positioning device. The navigator “Zoom” in on an ECDIS chart to a scale beyond the intended accuracy of the charted info.

2.The technical limitation of other device

Accuracy is also depends on the technical limitations of other devices linked to the ECDIS, such as GPS, Radar etc. The Mariner must be attentive to the source & accuracy of the position fixing device utilized by ECDIS.

3.Information Overload

It is very easy to overfeed information on the ECDIS. A lot of data which was earlier marked on charts such as position for calling Master, notices to Engine Room, Echo Sounder Switch on points, Port Control VHF channels etc now have to be fed on the ECDIS. The user needs to be aware that some of this information can be missed out in the clutter of information already present on the ECDIS. Cluttered Screen seriously degrade navigation safety for the mariner & could result in a “Technology assisted incident “.

4.Familiarization to ECDIS

A mariner must invest time and effort in mastering the device prior to his first navigational watch. This will be critical to the navigation safety of the vessel in the event papercharts are not required or available on the V/L.

5. Wrong Settings

Feeding in wrong parameters for safety critical settings such as the Safety Depths, Safety Contours etc can give a false sense of safety. It is extremely important that the Master himself checks these settings each time they are changed.

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